BLC 720/Micro Lens

BLC 720 / Micro Lens




LED front light with distinctive design, LED indicators for charge level & light level in set with LED rear light “Micro Lens” (details), StVZO approved.


The BLC 720 LED battery front light shines all night – and longer. 14 hours, to be exact. And that with a length of only 9 cm. It is equipped with a sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminous intensity (70, 30 and 15 lux) to the ambient light, which always brings enough brightness onto the road and thus at the same time optimally utilises the battery capacity and extends the lighting duration (up to 840 minutes). The battery status and light level can be easily read off from 2 LED bars on the top.


Standard in cars and motorbikes, still rather the exception in bicycle lighting: the brake light. The intelligent brake indicator function (“StopTech”) of the “Micro Lens” rear light makes cycling safer. A deceleration sensor activates two additional LEDs when the speed is reduced, thus clearly warning following road users. During the day, by the way, it works the same way as with the car. The tail light is not lit, only the brake indicator function is active. In the dark, at dusk or in subways, a brightness sensor then automatically activates the rear light. This technology is a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute. The rear light can be easily attached to any seat post. A lens ensures that the beam angle is parallel to the road despite the tilted seat post.


Both strikingly designed lights are small, lightweight and like all LED bicycle lights from BÜCHEL, approved according to StVZO. They can be charged via the supplied USB cable on corresponding power supply units or on a computer/laptop.



>> Luminosity switchable 70/30/15 Lux

>> Sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminous intensity to the ambient light

>> LED display for charge level and light level/sensor

>> Operating time up to 840 min.

>> Li-Ion battery (1300 mAh)

>> Approved for Germany

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