The luggage carrier with integrated rear light. Inspired by the automotive industry, the “Nightrider” is a novelty on the world market. It is equipped with a flush integrated LED strand. This design allows for a uniform light pattern, even in the smallest areas. The LED strand is integrated into the tube design, which gives the carrier and thus the entire bike a clean, modern look. In addition, the light is optimally protected against impacts and other external influences. The arrangement of the LED strand in the carrier is protected by patent.


The STOPTECH brake light function is a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden. The sensor technology, which detects the deceleration of the speed during the braking process, makes a connection to the braking system via cable superfluous.



>> Luggage carrier with integrated rear light
>> Load capacity approx. 25 kg
>> Aluminium tube, 10 mm

>> COB LED Technology

>> StopTech brake light function

>> For E-Bikes 12 V

>> Approved for Germany

Individual production according to your specifications.

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Uwe Ruppel

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