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On the spokes, ready, go!


Sekuclips for road safety


Still on the European bicycle market
a hit: “Sekuclips” – spoke reflectors for all bicycles. The bicycle can be seen from a distance of 160 metres, twice as far as with the usual “cat’s eyes”.


Motorists immediately detect the reflective sheathing of the spokes as well as the circular reflection of the wheels and the contour of the bicycle. An earlier reaction is thus guaranteed. The earlier the cyclist can be seen by the motorist, the safer he or she is on the road.


During the day, the silver clips on the spokes are inconspicuous and do not detract from the look of a modern wheel. At night, the clips create the great effect of the reflective pane: attention is guaranteed.


The simple attachment and the elegant silver design make the Sekuclip the ideal companion for all cycling enthusiasts without affecting the concentricity of the wheel. In addition, the reflector is suitable for most common spoke types that have a diameter of 1.8 to 2 mm.


The clips are available in packs of 12, 36 and 72.

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