BLC 820/Duo LED ST

BLC 820 / Duo LED ST

BLC 820 Radfahren Testsiegel



LED front light “BLC 820” with integrated Li-Ion battery, LED indicators for charge level & light level in set with LED rear light “Duo LED ST” (details), StVZO approved.


The LED front light is equipped with a sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminous intensity (80, 40 and 15 lux) to the ambient light, which always brings enough brightness to the road and thus at the same time optimally utilizes the battery capacity and extends the lighting duration (up to 710 minutes). The battery status and light level can be easily read off from 2 LED bars on the top.




>> Luminosity switchable 80/40/15 lux

>> Sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminous intensity to the ambient light

>> Osram LED

>> LED display for charge level and light level/sensor

>> Luminous period up to 710 min.

>> Li-Ion battery (2000 mAh)

>> Approved for Germany

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