We warmly welcome our new trainees!

We warmly welcome our new trainees!

We have been successfully training for over half a century.

Trainees quickly take on responsibility with us.

The spectrum of apprenticeships in the Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG is wide-ranging.

For half a century now, about ten new apprentices have been welcomed every year at the company headquarters and at the individual locations in Germany and prepared for their employment as industrial clerks, office clerks, wholesale and foreign trade clerks, toolmakers or plastic moulders. Another new addition is the cooperation with the Private University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, where the starting signal has been given for a student who is completing the dual study programme “SME Management”. Owner Erhard Büchel and managing director Oliver Venohr agree to train the next generation of managers from their own ranks, if possible, which is why the takeover rate averages 80 percent. The opportunities for promotion are diverse and attractive: whether sales manager, head of key account/e-commerce or even the deputy purchasing manager – all of them once started their careers as trainees in the company.

Without question, an apprenticeship in the company is versatile and demanding, because the young people are quickly encouraged to take on responsibility and make decisions. Erhard Büchel humorously points out: “While trainees in other companies are busy filing mail, they are already making purchases worth millions at our company.

In the picture (from left to right): Managing Director Oliver Venohr, Emiliano Kessler (apprentice industrial clerk), Kevin Ginter (also apprentice industrial clerk) and Erik Usinger (dual study programme in middle management).





Simone Lipphardt

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