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Büchel in numbers: Did you know that the annual amount of wire we use for our spokes is 97,826 times the height of the Berlin TV tower? We have compiled these and other “numerous” findings below. We hope you find them as entertaining and amazing as we do. Have fun!


Spokes with nipples per year


For our spokes, spoke machine setter and operator Jana Senf and 8 colleagues process around 36,000 km of steel wire every year. That is only about 4,000 km less than the circumference of the earth (40,030 km). This also corresponds to 97,826 Berlin TV towers (368 m high) on top of each other. Or about 29 times the length of the Rhine river (1,233 km).


In our spokes and nipples offer you can find spokes for all applications – from city, trekking and children’s bikes to cargo bikes and spokes for MTB, road bikes and gravel bikes, whether with or without motor. Speaking of motor – we also manufacture spokes for motorcycles.

Spokes & nipples


Plastic parts per day


On 15 injection molding machines, we process around 8,200 kg of plastic granulate every day in 2 shifts. In the last 10 years, we have been able to reduce energy consumption by 18%. This earned us the ISO 50001 certificate in 2021. Every single product goes through the hands (or the computer) of development and production manager Tobias Fuckel.


In addition to plastic parts for the automotive industry and lighting equipment for agricultural vehicles, battery and motor covers for e-bikes, reflectors and warning triangles as well as bicycle saddles and grips are the specialty of our subsidiary HMM Kunststofftechnik.

visit HMM Kunststofftechnik


km aluminium profile turned into rims per year


For a 28″ wheel, 1,954 mm of aluminum profile are needed, not quite 2 meters. So you could say that Sven Baumgartner and his 25 colleagues produce a little more than 20,000,000 rims a year. By the way, 40,000 km of aluminum profile are enough to go 1 x completely around the earth.


Our rims are used on all bicycle models – from children’s bikes to eMTBs. The rim brands EXAL and VUELTA Germany are also part of our portfolio.

EXAL rims
VUELTA wheels & rims


Luggage racks per month


For 360,000 luggage carriers a year, we bend 387 km of tube and 69 km of wire. Iris Block uses the electric welding process to set around 1,200 spot welds every day.


We have some standard models in the product range. However, our strength lies in individual custom manufacturing. Which carrier could we manufacture for you? Here are a few suggestions:

luggage racks


Lights per year


Jana Gerhard presents a battery-powered rear light here. 22% or around 2,300,000 of the lights are battery-powered, and the trend is rising. For taillights a 300 mAh battery is mostly used, for headlights mostly 2,000 mAh. This makes a total of 2,645,000 Ampere hours. With a nominal voltage of 3.7 V, this can be converted into 9,786.5 kWh. With this, a BMW i3, for example, travels 63,964 km.


We produce headlights and taillights for e-bike and dynamo operation as well as rechargeable battery lights for use on children’s bikes and sporty bikes, such as racing bikes and mountain bikes. We develop headlights with high beam, low beam and daytime running lights, as well as tail lights with brake lights. Discover more:

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