Safer on the road with bright brake light

Safer on the road with bright brake light

A big plus in safety for cyclists offers the BÜCHEL tail light Edge with integrated Z-reflector, the first sensor-controlled brake light for bicycles according to the new StVZO and ECE directive.

The STOPTECH brake light function is a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden. The sensor technology, which detects the deceleration of the speed during braking, eliminates the need for a connection to the braking system via cable. The ECE directive states that the minimum value of the brake light must be 40 candela, which is several times brighter than the short-term signaling previously permitted by the StVZO. The brightness of the Edge brake light at 45 candela is more than five times that of the tail light. This considerably increases safety in road traffic.

Many current bicycle models, whether with or without electric assistance, have a rather angular design. BÜCHEL has picked up on this with the LED tail light Edge, which is equipped with quality LEDs from Osram. The light is mounted on the luggage carrier (mounting width 50 or 80 mm) and integrates seamlessly into the visual appearance of modern bicycles.

Uwe Ruppel

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