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Micro Lens COB StopTech

Micro Lens COB



The COB (chip on board) LED technology allows luminous patterns that we know from cars. With the “Micro Lens COB” there is now also a battery rear light with such a light pattern and intelligent brake light function “StopTech”. The StVZO-approved light is mounted vertically or horizontally on the seat post and recharged via the USB-C charging socket.


Standard in cars and motorbikes, still rather the exception in bicycle lighting: the brake light. The intelligent brake light function “StopTech” makes cycling safer. A deceleration sensor causes all LEDs to light up brighter when the speed is reduced, thus clearly warning following road users. This technology is a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute. By the way, it works like in a car: During the day, the rear light is not lit, only the brake indicator function is active. In the dark, at dusk or in subways, a brightness sensor then automatically activates the rear light.


Matching front light: Vail 100



>> intelligent brake indicator function Stop Tech

>> COB LED Technology

>> USB-C charging socket

>> Li-Poly battery (710 mAh)

>> Attachment to any seat post

>> Approved for Germany

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