Dynaflex 1

Dynaflex 1




The new reflective rim range for your optimum visibility in road traffic, according to StVZO, German patent.



>> Tyres: 19/28-47

>> Surface: natural, anodised, black, silver

>> Design: eyeleted (only for Dynaflex 1), with and without turned braking surfaces

While conventional spoke reflectors fail at 30°, especially with angle-dependent illumination, reflective spokes offer 360° visibility and reflective rims offer visibility up to 80°.

A wheel equipped with KB reflective spokes and/or reflective rims is therefore also visible when turning. KB reflective spokes support visibility from the front and rear in addition to the existing front and rear reflectors if the lighting system is defective. Even bicycles lying on the ground can be seen easily.

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Uwe Ruppel

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