Conversion kit

Conversion kit

conversion kit


The rehab mobile is delivered as a complete kit – as shown.


Thanks to the well thought-out, constructive coordination of all individual parts, in connection with the clearly structured assembly instructions, the assembly and disassembly of the reha mobil support is extremely simple.


As specialists in the field of safety supports, we have developed this high-quality product for you in close cooperation with the Cologne Sports University!


The Rehamobil can be used in the various phases of rehabilitation and convalescence; for example:


>> In the rehabilitation clinic (in the mobilisation phase)
>> In vocational retraining centres, vocational promotion centres
>> In special schools
>> In sheltered workshops
>> In the disabled sports club
>> Particularly good in the leisure sector (fitness programmes, weekend organisation, holidays)
>> And for sports training purposes for people with disabilities


The use of the Rehamobil serves, for example, to:


>> Increasing the coordinative functions
>> Increase muscle strength
>> Improvement of overall coordination (leg kicking movement, arm control movement)
>> Improvement of the conditional functions
>> Improving the ability to balance
>> Preservation of joint mobility


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