Büchel receives “Innovative through research” seal

Büchel receives “Innovative through research” seal

We have received an award from the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

Award for Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG at the highest level: The seal “Innovative through Research” has now been awarded by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. This seal certifies that innovation and research are essential components of our corporate policy. The slogan “Technology around the bike” is Büchel’s program: As a producer and supplier, the company offers quality products for the bike, lifestyle products are now just as much part of the range as parts for the automotive industry.

Since 2002, Büchel Felgenproduktion and Vuelta Deutschland GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary, have been working together with the Steinbeis Transfer Center at Chemnitz Technical University to develop mechanical systems and testing equipment for the technical implementation of their own ideas. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden, highly innovative lighting equipment for bicycles is being developed, including brake lights that operate by means of sensors without a cable connection. The Medicus range of bicycle saddles from the Wittkop subsidiary, which has received a great deal of attention from experts, was developed in collaboration with orthopedist Torsten Werlich from Fulda.

The company holds over 122 industrial property rights, the majority of which are registered trademarks and designs, so-called “design patents”, as well as 25 patents and utility models. New product ideas are implemented by the company’s own designers and technicians and brought to series maturity, with the equipment and tools required for this being manufactured in the company’s own group of companies.

The “Innovative through Research” seal, which is valid for two years, was first awarded to Büchel in 2016. The Stifterverband is one of the largest private sponsors of science in Germany. In addition to its commitment to young academics, excellent universities and cutting-edge research, it is also its task to examine and evaluate the German research and innovation system. How much does industry invest in research and development in Germany? What impact does this have on the future viability of this country? The Stifterverband awards the “Innovative through Research” seal to all research-based companies that participate in the biennial full survey of business research and development in Germany.

We are very grateful for this award!






Uwe Ruppel

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