Büchel in demand at economic summit in India

Büchel in demand at economic summit in India


Delegation personally delivers invitation of Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann



Punjab/ Fulda/ Barchfeld. Erhard Büchel recently received a visit from the highest economic circles in the Indian state of Punjab. The background of this inaugural visit of the five-member delegation was an invitation to the economic summit in Punjab to the company Büchel in the coming year. In addition to other globally active companies, Büchel will be particularly in the spotlight at this economic meeting – incidentally the first summit of its kind in Punjab – because the German company has been operating successfully in India for six years: In 2016, the joint venture “Citizen-Büchel Biketech” was signed together with Indian entrepreneur Manjinder Singh and production was successfully started in Ludhiana just one year later. In addition to the production of reflectors, which in India have to be equipped in accordance with the ISO standard since 2014, the production of bicycle rims was later also boosted. To date, demand continues unabated with a market share of over 38% for bicycle reflectors and the production facility is continuously expanding.


Already at the beginning of the meeting, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann, was connected from India via videoconference. He explained in his personal words the invitation he had received in writing and made clear that Punjab had embarked on the stringent path of sustainable growth and prosperity. “It would therefore be our pleasure to welcome you and your team to the Economic Summit. We are confident that your organization can play a crucial role in shaping a progressive Punjab.” He further stated that the Indian state of Punjab is currently emerging as a preferred investment destination in India. He said that the new government of Punjab is determined to make concerted efforts and take a number of innovative initiatives to strengthen the investment ecosystem in the state. He further added, “Punjab was recently recognized by the Government of India as one of the “Top Achiever” states in terms of ease of doing business in India. The Punjab government is making relentless efforts to establish Punjab as a global brand.”


Erhard Büchel was delighted to receive the invitation and meet the Chief Minister in person. “We thank the Government of Punjab for supporting bicycle manufacturing in Punjab and creating an investment-friendly ecosystem in the state. Of course, in connection with the invitation, we will further explore the potential investment opportunities in the state of Punjab. We look forward to a good cooperation.” In this context, Büchel also referred to the tense situation in China, where the company has been present since 1985. At that time, the first joint venture of a medium-sized German company in China was concluded. Currently, supply bottlenecks are being experienced due to the stringent Corona policy and the geopolitical situation, so that an expansion of the existing commitment is not a priority at present. In addition to increased involvement in German production sites, including Barchfeld, India has therefore increasingly come into focus as an interesting and potent business partner. After the intensive discussion with the Minister President, Erhard Büchel led the delegation through the production halls in Barchfeld/Thuringia. Here, due to disproportionate growth, a new factory building was designed for Industry 4.0 in 2019 in order to be able to work in a 3-shift system even with low staffing levels.

Uwe Ruppel

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