Ahead 35/Z-Fire Micro

Ahead 35 / Z-Fire Micro




The front headlight “Ahead 35” integrates perfectly into the look of sporty bikes. It looks like a discreet extension of the stem and is easily and quickly attached to the handlebar directly in front of it. Anyone who owns a road bike, gravel bike or (e-) mountain bike and likes the purist look of these bikes without luggage racks and mudguards will appreciate the advantages of the special design of the “Ahead 35”.


With this light, you can not only look good, but also see well. 35 lux and a light duration of up to 250 minutes ensure a safe journey home when the day has simply been too short.


The “Z-Fire Micro” rear light is optionally available with StopTech brake light function and has an integrated, powerful Z-reflector – for greater safety on the road.



>> Luminosity switchable 35/10 Lux
>> Operating time up to 250 minutes
>> Display for charge level in the power switch
>> Li-Ion battery (680 mAh)
>> For handlebar diameter up to 35mm
>> Front reflector, removable
>> Approved for Germany


Matching rear light: Z-Fire Micro

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Uwe Ruppel

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