Active together

Active together


The Büchel team focuses on joint activities.



Doing something together with colleagues, away from the job, is on the annual agenda for the Büchel company group. The spectrum ranges from sports activities to social get-togethers. Fun and recreation is one thing, but strengthening the feeling of togetherness is another. There’s no question that these activities are also linked to entrepreneur Erhard Büchel’s thanks to the employees: “Despite working together every day, some colleagues don’t know each other very well. Joint ventures are the perfect opportunity to change that. You get to talk outside the workplace, get to know your office neighbors from a different and perhaps more private side, and build a stronger team feeling.”

There were no less than two opportunities for private encounters recently. On the occasion of the UN World Bicycle Day on June 3, the company invited visitors to take part in a bicycle tour from the company premises in Fulda through the Rhön hills. Of course, a stop at a cozy restaurant was not to be missed. The Büchel team covered around 30 kilometers in perfect cycling weather. The fact that numerous sporty employees are part of the company also became clear at another event. From trainees to managing directors, a 17-strong group of runners took part in the Fulda company run “Rhön Energie Challenge”. More than 2500 starters had gathered in the heart of the city of Fulda to cover a six-kilometer course. The first runner from the Büchel group to reach the finish line was trainee Lukas Ondra.

Uwe Ruppel

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