100 years of Büchel

100 years of Büchel



Our moving history in moving pictures.


1920. The Peace Treaty of Versailles comes into force. The state of Thuringia is created. And it is in this very country, in the town of Zella-Mehlis, that the brothers Hugo and Karl Büchel found their company. Tuning forks and toolboxes are initially manufactured there, followed a little later by bicycle parts, especially pedals and hubs.


2020. Büchel manufactures vehicle parts not only in Zella-Mehlis, but at 4 other locations in Germany, 2 in China and one in India. The focus of production today is on LED bicycle lighting, spokes and nipples, wheel guards and luggage carriers. In addition to the BÜCHEL brand, 4 other brands belong to the company: VUELTA and EXAL (rims and wheels), WITTKOP (bicycle saddles) and SEKURA (bicycle locks). We have even made a name for ourselves as a supplier to the automotive industry.


In between lie 100 eventful years. Years of research, development, growth and success. But also years full of fateful setbacks – which then only spurred us on all the more to look forward again.


This short film gives an insight into our eventful history.


Company history

Uwe Ruppel

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